N'importe quoi #02


I present you one of my last painting, the second of the « N’importe quoi » serie. It’s been made for a private and passionated collector. This painting is painted on an acrylic background with spraypaint aerosol on a 97x130cm canvas. The idea of the topic « N’importe quoi » is to compose a form, a portrait by mixing it with polluting objects, an overconsumption and nature.


Aérotik Malpa Collection


Introducing Bom.k's first edition of Aérotik sculptures, a series of collectable figures that come in Pink or Black version. All pieces were entirely handmade by Bom.k himself, each new statue bearing unique marks of mastic polishing, drill sculpting and spray or brush painting. From conception, to creation and packaging this is a fully studio-made creation.

The Aérotik characters have been present in Bomk's work for years. Originally, they were conceived inside the artist studio's spray paint fumes, as he was searching for an alchemy between the female body's curves and the cold technicality of the aerosol can. As time went by, they became fantastical hybrids, creatures haunted by senseless fantasies, expelling their iridescent erotic tensions through a megaphone.

Bomk has transported this Aérotik world on all kinds of formats, from paper to canvas and to walls. For the first time, these hypnotic creatures come to life in a voluminous and voluptuous manner, under the eponymous name ''Aérotik".

Sensual Chimera, composite nymphaea, this vaporous sculpture vibrates of fantastical poetry. If you stare at them long enough, they seem to breathe, coming to life as they start crawling towards the viewer.